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CE Credits Online and Seattle Pacific University's Center for Professional Education are pleased to offer you online professional development courses designed to improve teaching and student achievement.

  • Start any time and work at your own convenience
  • Completely online – no commuting, parking, missed classes and no dress code!
  • User friendly and engaging
Seattle Pacific University (SPU): SPU offers post baccalaureate, 5000 level credits based on a quarter system. The credit fee due from the student is $42 per credit.

You are required to apply for SPU academic credits within 2 weeks of completing your course. Once the accreditation fee has been paid, your completion paperwork will be submitted to SPU the 1st of every month. SPU sends grade reports every six (6) weeks. You can find directions for requesting an official transcript from SPU.

Clock Hours (CEUs)

CE Credits Online courses are approved for Clock Hours (CEUs) through Seattle Pacific University. To request clock hours, please call 1-888-263-9980 ext. 104 upon completion of your course. Clock hour fees are $20 for each credit assigned to CE Credits Online courses. We recommend to all educators that they verify that the course of their choice meets any specific or special requirements established by their school, district or personal professional development plan.

You will be registered in Term 2013-2014

University credit fees are not included in the price listed. Once you complete your selected course you will then be provided with information to pay for and receive your Seattle Pacific University credits.

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Washington State Certification Renewal Requirements

To maintain the validity of the continuing certificate, 150 clock hours of continuing education study and/or equivalent academic credit (15 quarter hours or 10 semester hours) must be completed every five years


For those who hold a certificate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) present a copy of a valid NBPTS certificate


For more information regarding maintaining/renewing a continuing certificate, please click here

Referenced from State of Washington Office of Public Instruction:

University Affiliations
You may request academic credits upon completion of your CE Credits Online course(s).; This must be done within two (2) weeks of your CE Credits Online course completion.

If you will be requesting university credits, it is important you read all the information for your selected university. Some universities require you to obtain a letter grade and others offer both letter grades and a pass/fail option. If you require a letter grade or intend to obtain academic credit from a university requiring a letter grade, you will select that option prior to beginning your course during the enrollment process. 

Please keep in mind, some of our university affiliations are quarter based credit systems and some are semester based credits systems.  Please verify with your Professional Development department  which credit based system they accept. 
All courses are eligible for university credit. Please visit University Affiliations for more information. (University Credit fees are not included in the cost of tuition.)

CE Credits Online is pleased to offer you high-quality online professional development courses designed to improve teaching and student achievement.  

  • 100% Online – no commuting, parking or missed classes 
  • Clock Hours available
  • University Credits available through CE Credits Online university partners 
  • Asynchronous – start at anytime 
  • Self-paced – work at your own convenience
Why Choose CE Credits Online

CE Credits Online has been providing continuing education credits to K-12 educators since 2002. Our courses are offered nationwide, serving the professional learning needs of thousands of K-12 educators. Our courses are:

  • Standards-based
  • High-quality online professional learning courses designed to improve teaching and student achievement.
  • 100% online - no commuting, no missed classes, and no dress code.
  • Self-paced courses, offering participants the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
  • Facilitated by highly trained moderators, experienced in education 
  • User-friendly and engaging with numerous videos that model new strategies & skills 
  • All CE Credit Online courses are eligible for University Credits (for an additional fee) through our university affiliates. Please visit our University Affiliation page for more information.

Our courses cover a variety of instructional areas and meet the needs of many educator groups, including;

  • Reading / Language Arts
  • Instructional Strategies
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Transforming Instruction with Technology
  • Classroom and Behavior Management
  • Creating Effective Learning Environments
  • Beginning Teachers
  • Special Education
  • Counseling
  • Support Staff