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Giving Directives That Students Will Follow

Western Oregon University - Pricing & Details

  • Tuition: $125.00
  • Tuition: $115.00
  • (You Save: $10.00)
  • Number of: Hours 15
  • 1 university semester credits, 1 university quarter credits
    (university fees are additional)
  • System Requirements
  • Syllabus

Based on the Safety, Order, and Rights™

Course Description:

Teachers and administrators learn a four-step verbal skill that will help them take responsible control of K-12 students. This online course teaches them to end power struggles and gain cooperation from resistive students. This fast and effective, choice-based approach to behavior management is being used successfully by thousands of educators. Teachers learn to develop meaningful classroom management plans for maintaining a safe and orderly classroom that maximizes learning time.

Course Objectives:

  • To examine the four-step verbal skill for giving directives to students.
  • To perform the skill and develop mastery of the techniques.
  • To adopt Safety, Order, and Rights™.
  • To formulate plans for using the technique in the classroom.