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Adams State University Professional Development Course for Teachers

CE Credits Online and Adams State University are pleased to offer you online professional development courses designed to improve teaching and student achievement. Participate in professional development today.

Receiving Credit at Adams State University:

Adams State University is on a semester-based system and offers graduate credit for all CE Credits Online courses (500 level). Students must have a bachelor's degree to be eligible. After completing the online course, students register for ASU credit. The cost for ASU credit is $55 per credit hour. 

Adams State University Sample Transcript

Graduate level professional development courses for Adams State University

Graduate Credit Instructions:

  1. Upon completion of your CE Credits Online course, email us at to let us know you would like to receive credits from Adams State University.
  2. Register and pay for your ASU graduate credits at Adams State University website.
  3. Once you request and pay for your credits, you will receive an official transcript from Adams State University in three to four weeks. Adams State University Sample Transcript