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  • Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement

  • 3 P Credits, Behavior Management, Mindfulness, Self Regulation, Social Emotional Learning

Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement
Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement

Mindfulness, or paying attention to the present moment without judgment, has been shown to support students to meet the academic demands and pressures of an increasingly stressful and challenging world. Understanding the diverse needs of students requires educators to employ a variety of intentional strategies to support student academic and social-emotional needs. This course will teach teachers to understand and use mindful strategies to become more responsive to their students’ social-emotional and instructional needs.  New York City educators learn to implement simple and effective mindfulness activities into their classroom on a daily basis.

NYC DOE ASPDP teachers will learn:

  • About the emotional and academic demands students face and the impact it has on their nervous system and executive brain functions.
  • The effects of stress, anxiety and trauma on learning and health.
  • How students’ physiological and emotional changes affect their behaviors and ability to learn as they continually seek for find their way in a world that is ever more complex, increasingly interconnected yet often isolating.
  • How mindfulness awareness practices can help students focus and remain in the moment.
  • How mindfulness practices support Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Differentiated Instruction.
  • How to implement mindfulness into the classroom, using guided audio and video recorded practices and other resources to facilitate mindfulness activities.
  • How their colleagues are experiencing the information and implementation of mindfulness activities in the classrooms by interacting with them in Discussion Boards.
  • To create a Final Project in which they design an action plan using mindfulness practices and activities in their own classrooms to support:
    • Student Learning
    • Social Emotional Intelligence
    • 21st Century skills, such as collaboration, communication and global awareness
    • Focus and Engagement.


How to Register and Enroll

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“P” Credit, A+ Credit and CTLE hour Requirements

Courses are available for “P” credits and A+ Credits for NYC Salary Differentials and/or CTLE hours.

Credits Earned: 1 or 3 “P” Credits or A+ Credits and/or 15 or 45 CTLE Hours.

You can take up to 12 Credits per provider each semester.

You must earn your 30 credits above your master’s degree to qualify for a salary differential. Your NYCDOE date of hire determines how many of these credits can be fulfilled by A+ credit, and/or other credits (i.e., P credit, graduate courses taken through a college or university, CLEP tests, and a 2nd Master’s degree): 

  • Fully appointed teacher hired on or after September 1, 2019 must obtain a minimum of 18 A+ credits in order to earn their salary differential unless they have already attained an additional Doctorate, or an additional Master’s in an approved related area as determined by the Joint Accreditation Committee (JAC). 
  • Fully appointed teacher hired on or after September 1, 2017 but before September 1, 2019 must obtain a minimum of 6 A+ credits towards their differential unless they already earned their salary differential before September 1, 2019. 
  • Fully appointed teachers hired before September 1, 2017 are not required to use A+ credits to obtain their salary differential. If they choose to submit A+ credits towards their salary differential, they must obtain a minimum of 6 A+ credits. 

All ASPDP courses can count toward A+ or P credit. You must register with ASPDP by the registration deadline to earn credit toward your +30. You will not be eligible for credit toward your salary differential if you do not register with ASPDP by the deadline.

Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement

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3 P or A+ Credits