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CE Credits Online and Aurora University are pleased to offer the CAPP Program community online professional development courses designed to improve teaching and student achievement. These courses are available for university semester credit or Illinois Clock Hours (PDCs).

Aurora University has a long and successful history of providing quality professional development and full graduate programs to educators in the upper Midwest. Courses offered through the Aurora University and CE Credits Online partnership serve as electives in master’s level AU programs, and in some cases, may substitute for required courses.

All CE Credits Online courses are available for Illinois Clock Hours through Aurora University.  The cost for Clock Hours through Aurora University is $20 per activity. Please call 425-788-7275 for more information.

Receiving Graduate Credit at Aurora University:

Upon completion of your course, you have two weeks to apply and pay for university credit. University credits fees are not included in the price listed.

Aurora University offers semester graduate credit for all CE Credits Online courses (500 level). Students must have a bachelor's degree to be eligible to receive Aurora University academic credit. After completing your selected CE Credit Online course(s), students register for Aurora University academic credit. The cost is $100 per credit hour.

Graduate Credit Instructions:

  1. Upon completion of your CE Credits Online course you will be eligible to request academic credit through Aurora University.
  2. You must request academic credit within two weeks of completion of your course. This is a 2-step process.
  3. First, email us at to let us know you wish to obtain credits from Aurora University. CE Credits Online submits course paperwork to Aurora University on or about the 1st and 16th of each month.
  • For example, if you submit your credit request on May 3, your paperwork will be submitted to Aurora University on or around May 16. If you submit your credit request on May 17, your paperwork will be submitted to Aurora University on or around June 1.
  • Second, go to the Aurora University website to register and pay for your graduate credits. (The fee is $100 per semester credit).
  • On the Aurora University website click on the "Register to Receive Graduate Credit for Continuing Education Classes" link, fill out the form and pay for your credits. To find your course code number, select "CE Credits Online" from the "Education Partner" drop down menu near the bottom of the form, and click submit. Copy down the course number, then go back to the form to fill it in.
  • Once you have (1) emailed us at to let us know you would like Aurora University to process your credits, (2) requested and paid for your credits on the Aurora University website, and (3) your course completion paperwork has been prepared by CE Credits Online and submitted to Aurora University, you will be able to request an official transcript from Aurora University. Please allow three to four weeks from the time your paperwork has been submitted before requesting your transcript. Use this link, request official transcript.


Illinois Clock Hour Instructions:

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact us at 425-788-7275.