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  • Stopping Disruptive Behavior

  • 1 Credit, K-12, Classroom Management, Instructional Strategies

Stopping Disruptive Behavior for  Charlotte County Public Schools support employees
Stopping Disruptive Behavior

This course will teach Charlotte County Public Schools learners effective strategies for both preventing and responding to disruptive behavior from K-12 students. Module 1 focuses on strategies that aim to prevent disruptive behavior from occurring at all. These strategies include establishing clear rules and procedures, and using positive reinforcement to emphasize behavioral expectations.

Module 2 focuses on strategies for responding to disruptive behavior if and when it does occur. These strategies include a five-step verbal technique designed to stop disruptive behavior in its tracks, as well as a range of other strategies for handling low-level disruptions. The course  for Charlotte County Public Schools teachers will also cover how to select and deliver effective consequences that encourage students to reflect on the disruptive behavior, and make better choices about their behavior in the future.

The final project of this course asks learners to create an action plan mapping out how to handle a common scenario of disruptive student behavior that they are currently experiencing or have frequently experienced in the past (and anticipate experiencing again).

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Stopping Disruptive Behavior