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Lee/Ogle/Whiteside ROE #47 PD Courses

Educators in the Lee/Ogle & Whiteside Regional Offices of Education #47 service area may obtain Clock Hours through their ROE.

Lee/Ogle/Whiteside ROE #47 PD Courses

Educators in the Lee/Ogle & Whiteside Regional Offices of Education #47 service area may obtain Clock Hours through their ROE.


CE Credits Online works with organizations throughout Illinois that provide approved Illinois Clock Hours for all our courses.

To Enroll in a course for Clock Hours only.

Select the Course Only option.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you complete your course(s), which will be used to obtain your Clock Hours.

Please read the Clock Hour process below. 

  1. As of July 1, 2014 Illinois, no longer recognizes CPDUs as the form of credit awarded for Professional Development from Illinois State approved professional development providers.
  2. Beginning July 1, 2014, Illinois approved professional development providers started issuing Clock Hours (Professional Development Credits). Each hour of Professional Development is one Clock Hour (Professional Development Credit).
  3. In order to receive your Clock Hours (Professional Development Credits), you will be required to complete and submit an Evidence of Completion of Professional Development Form and an Evaluation Form, which you, as the Participant, must sign and date.
  4. The forms will then be forwarded on to an approved provider for their signature and processing (CE Credits Online will take care of this for you, making sure your forms are processed by the appropriate approved clock hour provider, example would be a Regional Office of Education).
  5. The appropriate approved provider will return a copy of the signed Evidence of Completion Form to you for your records. This form serves as evidence to verify your participation in a professional development activity and must be maintained for a period of six years by you and produced if requested as part of an audit.
  6. Upon completion of a course(s) CE Credits will provide you with a link to the Illinois State Board of Education site and location so you may print off both of these forms, fill them out, and scan and email to us or fax to us so we may forward on to your approved provider who will issue your official Clock Hours (Professional Development Credits).
  7. The approved provider will process your forms and email a copy of the signed form back to you. We will help you by providing instructions on how to fill out the forms once you complete your final exam. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE CLOCK HOURS FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE REQUIRED FORMS.
  8. CE Credits Online forwards all Evidence of Completion and Course Evaluation Forms at the beginning of each month for course completions from the previous month. It is important that we receive the completed forms from you as quickly as possible. We forward the forms on to the appropriate Clock Hour (Professional Development Credits) approved provider for processing and the approved provider will return a signed copy for your records.
  9. Once you the participant receives your signed copy you can enter the number of Clock Hours (Professional Development Credits) you received for your completed CE Credits Online course into the Educator Licensure System (ELIS). You have 60 days to complete this from the date you complete your course.

University Graduate Credits: All courses are approved to receive academic credit through our university partners. Many Illinois educators request academic credits through University of California -Humboldt State University (HSU) which provides post-baccalaureate credit (graduate level) and intended for credential or license purposes. University credit may be obtained through your selected university at the end of the course with an additional fee.

Please visit our University Partners Page for more information. (Credit fees are not included in the cost of tuition.)

To Enroll in a course for University Credit

Select the Course + Credit option for the course(s) you want.  Credit fees are included in the cost of the course.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion for your records or to obtain Clock Hours and CE Credits Online will forward all the necessary documentation to the university you selected so you may receive graduate university credits.