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Rock Island ROE #49 Professional Development Courses

CE Credits Online offers online courses for K-12 teachers. Educators in Rock Island ROE #49 have access to high quality CE Credits Online Illinois professional development courses. Participate in professional development today!

Enrollment is a two-step process:


  1. Complete the Online Registration Form

  2. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive an Enrollment Code.


  1. Use your Enrollment Code to enroll in any of the courses below. You will be prompted to enter your enrollment code during the checkout process.

Online Clock Hour Courses for Rock Island ROE #49 teachers

Rock Island ROE #49 educators have access to CE Credits Online professional learning courses that are eligible for Clock Hours and Graduate Credits.  Courses will be registered and paid for with Rock Island ROE #49, enrolled and taken with CE Credits Online (using an Enrollment Code provided during registration).  Clock Hours are provided by Rock Island ROE #49 and Graduate Credits may be purchased from CE Credits Online after completion of course(s), if desired.

Taking a course is a 2-Step Process:

Participants Register with Rock Island ROE #49 and then Enroll at CE Credits Online.

View the Enrollment tab for instructions on how to Register and Enroll.  View the Credits tab for how to obtain Clock Hours and/or Graduate-level University Credits.