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  • z-Essential Strategies for 21st Century Teaching

  • 3 P Credits, K-12, 21st Century Skills, Instructional Strategies, Technology

Essential Strategies for 21st Century Teaching
  • z-Essential Strategies for 21st Century Teaching


What does it take to be a true 21st century educator?   This course examines essential understandings and skills it takes to reach students most effectively based upon current research and best practices.   Participants will deepen knowledge of 21st century students, 21st century objectives and assessment, and current issues and trends in education.  This course develops strategies for excellent teaching through an in-depth study of educational psychology, individual differences, classroom management, technology and materials selection, and student assessment.

Several modules build knowledge of general child development and issues facing categories of diverse students.  By examining educational psychology principles and special barriers individuals may face, participants in the course build a deep understanding of the students in their classroom.  additionally, strategies for motivating, managing, and building respected relationships with students are discussed.  Later modules build on this base by examining ways to strengthen learning experiences for all through study of high Bloom’s level objectives, technology integration, and alternate forms of assessment.  By course end, participants will build capacity to understand students, plan for and assess student learning, and motivate and manage students.  Through application of these strategies, the learner will become a dynamic 21st century educator.


Participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend how children grow and learn and apply this knowledge.
  • Appreciate individual differences among students and know how to create an environment where all children excel.
  • Study principles of motivation and their application.
  • Learn techniques for creating a classroom environment that is most conducive to learning.
  • Understand best practices for choosing instructional materials, including technology integration.
  • Learn how to teach students the skills that will be necessary for their success in the 21st century.
  • Explore the principles of authentic assessment and their application.
  • Understand current policy issues in American education and their implications.

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