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  • ABC's of Virtual Teaching

  • 3 Salary Points, 21st Century Skills, Instructional Strategies

ABC's of Virtual Teaching
ABC's of Virtual Teaching for LAUSD 3 point Salary Point Course

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This professional development course is for LAUSD K-12 Teachers and is available for salary advancement and recertification.

This virtual teaching course provides you with an introduction to teaching in a virtual environment. This includes an overview of the current state of online learning and best practices for online course delivery instruction. Teachers will explore essential elements of teaching in a virtual classroom. You will learn the importance of creating lesson plans for students' preferred learning style. You will also dive into design principles, building community, promoting and managing collaboration, as well as logistics and monitoring student progress.


  • Identify the benefits and challenges of virtual teaching and learning
  • Recognize the knowledge, skills, and disposition needed for a K-12 educator in an online learning environment.
  • Distinguish various course technologies and functionality of Learning Management Systems
  • Differentiate appropriate communication guidelines for virtual instruction
  • Apply best practices of effective and engaging virtual instruction
  • Assess specific approaches to promote academic rigor in online courses

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ABC's of Virtual Teaching

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