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Creating a Culture for Learning: Classroom and Behavior Management Plans that Work

3 Salary Points , K-12 , Instructional Strategies

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  • 45 Hrs./3 Salary Points

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Course Description:

This course is designed to teach how to create classroom and behavior management plans that facilitate orderly classrooms where students can and want to do the hard work that is required to succeed. The Safety, Order and Rights value set is used as the framework for clarifying and communicating the classroom expectations, and is compatible with other value sets that simply and easily communicate the rationale for expectations and procedures. This course discusses what motivates students to ensure what is communicated to them is relevant and meaningful. In addition to designing a classroom management plan that will work in their classroom, participants will learn two verbal techniques that help keep behaviors optimal and in line with the expectations in the classroom. The techniques are constructed to teach students about making choices, consequences and likely outcomes that result from their choices.

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and rationale of Danielson's Framework for Teaching Domains aligned with this course
  • Review Domains
  • Review and explore theories on student motivation
  • Understand the Safety, Order, and Rights Value Set
  • Adopt the value set of Safety, Order, and Rights
  • Have confidence that they are upholding safety, order, and rights for everyone in their school which will allow for the best student outcomes
  • Understand the Constructive Discipline Approach of choice and consequence
  • Examine the four-step verbal skill for giving directives to students
  • Be able to perform the skill and develop mastery of the techniques
  • Be able to formulate plans for using the technique in the classroom
  • Create a classroom management plan, using the tools and strategies provided in this course