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  • Getting Googled-Your Students Will Never Lose Their Homework Again

  • 3 Salary Points, Instructional Strategies, Technology

Getting Googled-Your Students Will Never Lose Their Homework Again
  • Getting Googled-Your Students Will Never Lose Their Homework Again

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  • 3 Salary Points

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This professional development course is for LAUSD K-12 teachers and is available for salary advancement and recertification. The goal of this professional learning course it to provide teachers with an introductory knowledge of Google Drive applications, strategies and best practices for making use of them in the classroom, and an awareness of the potential benefits and challenges of implementation. Teachers will gain experience with Google Docs, Slides, Forms, and Sheets, as well as an exposure to other applications available through Google Drive. They will also explore ways to optimize these tools to meet instructional objectives and improve the overall student experience by eliminating obstacles that prevent some students from succeeding.

In the final project, LAUSD teachers will put the knowledge and skills of the Google workspace gained throughout the course to use in order to outline an instructional unit that incorporates several Google Drive applications. The unit plan will demonstrate your knowledge of the applications, implementation strategies, and best practices explored throughout the course, as well as an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of his or her students.


As a result of this course, educators will:

  • Identify the key features and functions of Google Drive applications.
  • Assess the potential usefulness of Google apps in their classrooms.
  • Create classroom tools, resources, and assessments that effectively utilize Google Drive applications for student learning.
  • Predict the potential challenges and benefits of implementing Google Drive applications.
  • Create a plan for the effective implementation of Google Drive applications into their classrooms.


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