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Stopping Disruptive Behavior

1 Credit , K-12 , Classroom Management , Instructional Strategies

  • Course + Credit
  • 1 Credits/15 CTLE Hrs.
  • Course Only/15 CTLE Hrs.
  • Cert of Completion

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Course Description:

Stop disruptive behavior with three carefully worded questions! Teachers and administrators, you will enjoy this effective strategy for dealing with problem behavior from your K-12 students. Lead the students through a process that promotes a solution they create and will accept. Watch demonstrations and practice the strategies you can use in your classroom today!

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able:

  • To explore the constructive discipline techniques for stopping disruptive behavior.
  • To perform the skill and develop mastery of the techniques.
  • To adopt Safety, Order, and Rights.
  • To formulate plans for using the technique in the classroom.