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  • Advocating for Students: The Special Education Process and Beyond

  • 3 P Credits, Exceptional Students, Instructional Strategies

Advocating for Students: The Special Education Process and Beyond
  • Advocating for Students: The Special Education Process and Beyond

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  • 45 Hours
  • 3 P Credits

As a NYC ASPDP special educator, general educator, school counselor or administrator, your role is to ensure that the needs of all your students are met. Working with students who are not performing to their potential can be challenging. An understanding of student strengths and needs, along with the knowledge of the special education process, are key to ensuring that you are providing those students with what they need to be successful. This course will prepare you with the necessary skills to identify students with a disability as well as implement child-specific interventions and accommodations to support those not performing to their potential. No matter what your role is in the school system, it’s important that you understand why special needs identification and planning works the way that it does.

This course will:

  • Provide you with a strong foundation in the principles of special needs advocacy, with an emphasis on practical application of the fundamental legal requirements that drive special needs education.
  • Teach you about the IEP process and about 504 Plans,
  • Teach you how your knowledge of the rights and entitlements granted by the special education laws will help you create effective plans for student success.
  • Teach you the differences between IDEA and Section 504,
  • Give you tips and tools to implement the plans and monitor the plan’s effectiveness and the child’s progress.
  • Focus on exploring how to maximize effectiveness by writing S.M.A.R.T. goals and choosing appropriate accommodations and adaptations.
  • Enable you to feel confident in your ability to successfully advocate for struggling students and understand the process necessary to ensure their needs are met.

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