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Engaging Parents Effectively to Remove Barriers to Learning

3 Credits , K-12 , ELLs , Instructional Strategies

  • 45 Hrs./4 PLUs
  • Course Only

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Course Description:

There is widespread recognition that increasing parent engagement with schools (in general) and in their child’s education (in particular) is an essential component of any quality educational process. Educators must be prepared to engage parents effectively, regardless of the topic, to remove any and all barriers to learning.

After taking this course, educators will:

  • Understand how all communication with parents and community is important and vital to the process of removing barriers to learning for individual students.
  • Recognize that while research supports effective parent engagement, it is necessary to have research- and evidence-based strategies and plans for successful communications.
  • Learn about the Safety, Order and Rights value set and how these form a lens through which all parent and community interactions can be viewed and articulated.
  • Learn about the Seven C’s of effective communication and how educators can use them to their advantage when interacting with parents on any topic.
  • Locate and learn about federal and state laws as well as district policies that may drive technical aspects of our communication with parents.
  • Learn about a 4-part communication plan (i.e., C.A.R.D.) that will guide in communication with parents regardless of topic or context.

    Course Objectives:

    Participants will be able:

    • To investigate a technique designed to improve teacher/parent interaction.
    • To perform the skill and develop mastery of the technique.
    • To adopt Safety, Order, and Rights, and utilize it as a fundamental tool for teacher/parent interaction.