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I have learned many things from this class. Beforehand I mainly just stuck with using the pen to draw and occasionally using the onscreen keyboard. Things like the spotlight, adding links, and being able to record my page will make it make it really easy to expand my lessons and make them much more engaging for my students.

I now feel much more confident about using the white board and many/all its features. This will greatly simplify my preparation for lessons and will allow me to teach in a way that will better meet all students’ needs. Using the white board will be great for teaching to more students’ learning styles, especially visual learners and will make the lesson more entertaining. I really like the additional skills and confidence this course has given me.

I would say that the video lessons are a 5. I found them really easy to follow and imitate on my own white board. I thought the instructor did a great job of starting at square one and building from there. Sometimes the instruction was a little to simplistic for me, but I know that others need that on those lessons.