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This course has been the most rewarding use of my time. I have learned how to differentiate instruction without it being a nightmare in planning. One of the first things I did when I started this course is I gave my students a Multiple Intelligence Survey. After they scored their papers, I asked them if they thought that the results were a true reflection of how they learned best. I then had them take it home to their parents. It was amazing. My students that were high in several areas noted that each parent was high in one of the areas.(the power of genes). I have learned many strategies and put them in place in my classroom like trying to talk less and do more. I post all directions and then state them orally. We have added time in the day to move around more. I have added more time for sharing, acting out story parts and drawing pictures. I have told my faculty that if they want to get some great ideas on how to be a more effective teacher, then this is the course to take. Thank you for all the wonderful tools to use to make learning more successful.