Why Teachers and Administrators Should Choose CE Credits Online For Their Professional Development Needs

Why Teachers and Administrators Should Choose CE Credits Online For Their Professional Development Needs

If you are a teacher or an administrator who needs continuing education credits or professional development hours for recertification, renewal, salary points, highly qualified requirement fulfillment or you just want to further enhance your professional skills, CE Credits Online offers you the best courses at the best price and delivered in the very best learning environment.  All our courses are university accredited, standards based, interactive and extremely easy to navigate.  Courses have been created by experts in their field, and our proprietary delivery system was created specifically for these professional development courses.

Research indicates that adults learn best when they have the greatest control over when they access and acquire the information.  Our own research indicated that teachers want professional development that is relevant and actually can help them in their classrooms and improve student outcomes.  You also told us that your time is precious, so spending it productively is important to you, and having as much flexibility in when you could obtain your professional development is also important.  CE Credits Online listened.  Please take a moment to review our catalog and syllabi as well as read some of the testimonials from other teachers and administrators.  CE Credits Online believes you cannot find better courses or a better price for high-quality content that is delivered so easily.  Our one-on-one feedback in all of our courses (all your assignments are responded to within 48 hours and usually 24 hours) and our prompt, courteous and always-willing-to-help-you customer service cannot be matched.

CE Credit Online’s self-paced courses offer the ultimate in convenience for busy educators. Delivered totally online, participants can work anytime, anywhere, 24/7, as their schedules permit – no commuting, no missed classes and no dress code!


“ This course has been the most rewarding use of my time. I have learned how to differentiate instruction without it being a nightmare in planning. One of the first things I did when I started this course is I gave my students a Multiple Intelligence Survey. After they scored their papers, I asked them if they thought that the results were a true reflection of how they learned best. ...