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Getting the Continueing Education Credits you Need
Get the Credits You Need
  • Graduate-Level Professional Development Credits
  • P Credits and A+ Credits for NYC DOE Teachers
  • Salary Points for LAUSD Teachers
  • Lane Credits for Chicago Public Schools
  • CPE Hours for Texas Teachers
  • Clock Hours for Washington State Teachers
Salary Advancement of Teachers
Salary Advancement

In many districts, completing professional development courses can result in a substantial pay increase, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars per year!

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Salary Advancement of Teachers
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself - John Dewey

“I believe that I have grown as an educator in my approach to advocating for my students. This course has deepened my understanding of my implicit biases and how to reflect and consciously confront them”

Juliet W.

Advocating for Students: The Special Educational Process and Beyond

“I love the various techniques that were mentioned in this course. The information will be invaluable not just in the classroom but I can also use these techniques with myself and my own children at home. I really enjoyed this class.”

Gerlanda W.

Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement