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Montana State Professional Development Courses

CE Credits Online is approved provider of Renewal Units in Montana and offers high quality, research based online professional development courses for teachers in Montana that are eligible for Graduate-Level Professional Development Credits and Renewal Units towards Montana State License Renewal. Participate in professional development online courses today!

Renewal Unit Online Courses for Montana Teachers

To Enroll in a Course:

  1. Select the course or courses you wish to take.
  2. Select either  Course Only (you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which may be used to obtain Renewal Units) or Course + Credits (to receive an official university transcript).
  3. CE Credits Online is an approved provider of Renewal Units in Montana.
  4. See our University Partners page to review our regionally accredited university partners who provide graduate-level university credits for our courses.
  5. Add course or courses to the Cart and follow the enrollment and payment prompts to complete your order.
  6. You will have 6 months (180 days) to complete your courses from date of purchase. Extensions are available for an additional fee.


Upon Completion:
Receiving Montana OPI Renewal Units:
CE Credits Online is a Montana State approved provider for Renewal Units
The State of Montana requires you to complete the Registration and Verification Form for each CE Credits Online course you complete.
If you wish to receive renewal units for your completed course(s) please follow the steps below:
  1. Contact the CE Credits Online office at for your Registration and Verification Form, once your course is completed. Provide your name, the course you completed and that you are requesting a Montana Registration and Verification Form.
  2. CE Credits Online will email you the form with the CE Credits Online portion of the form completed.
  3. Complete your part of the sections on the Registration and Verification Form. The form requires you to include the Instructor of Record, which is found on your Certificate of Completion.
  4. Remember all events you use to obtain License Renewal Units must be completed within your current five-year license renewal cycle.
  5. Be sure that the information provided in Sections I, II, III is accurate and complete. If any information is missing, the form may not be acceptable for license renewal.
  6. The original copy of this certificate is required to be included with the application for educator license.
You will no longer be required to send in official transcripts and renewal unit certificates at the time of renewal application! Renewal applications will now be randomly audited to verify accuracy. Therefore, even though you no longer need to submit your documents at the time your complete your renewal application, you will need to have them for your records. If your application is chosen for audit you will have 60 days to submit your documents for verification. Your license will NOT be issued if you are unable to provide the documents needed to verify your professional development activities.

Course + Credits

  1. Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your records.
  2. CE Credits Online will forward all the required documentation to the University you selected during enrollment.
  3. The University partner will process your course completion and provide a transcript that includes the name of the course, course number, number of credits, and your grade.
  4. You will receive directions on how to receive your official transcript in email form, and you can also review the University Partners section of our website for more information.