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CPS Lane Credit and Clock Hour Courses

Earn Lane Credits, Clock Hours/CPDUs, and/or Graduate-Level University Credits by taking CE Credits Online courses.  All courses are self paced, completely online and facilitated.  Registration with CPS is required at CPS Learning Hub as well as a completion of a final survey to receive credit upon successful completion of a Lane Credit Course. (You may only take 9 lane credits a year per provider.)  45 Hours = 3 Lane Credits/45 Clock Hours/3 Graduate-Level University Credits.

All courses approved for 3 Lane Credits and 45 Clock Hours/CPDUs.  CPS teachers may take up to 9 credits (3 courses) per year.  


To Enroll in a Course:

  1. You must first register with CPS.
  2. Go to the CPS Learning Hub: and Sign In, then
  3. Select:  Find Learning, then
  4. Select:  Web-based, under the Topic of Learning Type, then
  5. Select:  Lane Credit Academy, under the topic of Category.  All CE Credits Online courses listed are eligible for Lane Credits and Clock Hours/CPDUs.  All CE Credits Online courses are also eligible for graduate credits from our partnering universities. 
  6. Return to CE Credits Online and select Chicago Public Schools from the Illinois drop down when you select your state.
  7. Enroll in your course(s).

Obtaining Lane Credits

  1. CE Credits Online will provide CPS with the documentation necessary for you to receive your Lane Credits.

Obtaining Clock Hours/CPDUs

  1. The Certificate of Completion you receive when you complete your course must be submitted to CPS to receive your Clock Hours.

Obtaining Graduate-Level University Credits

  1. Email and let us know you want university credits and from which university.
  2. CE Credits Online will email you instructions on how to pay for the credits and any other instructions you will need.
  3. CE Credits Online will forward to the university of your choice your payment and the documentation necessary for you to receive an official transcript.