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LAUSD Salary Point Courses

We offer the following courses for LAUSD/UTLA Salary Points and/or graduate credit. Upon satisfactory completion of a course, CE Credits Online will submit the necessary NA form to LAUSD monthly.

CE Credits Online and Los Angeles Unified School District / UTLA are pleased to offer you Salary Point approved online professional development courses. All Courses listed below have been approved by LAUSD/UTLA for Salary Points.

Participants are able to submit up to 12 credits/salary points from CE Credits Online per trimester by agreement with LAUSD. (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec).

Your district requires you spend a minimum of 45 hours for a 1 salary-point course (15 in the online classroom and 30 doing outside work), 90 hours for a 2 salary-point course (30 in the online classroom and 60 hours doing outside work) and 135 hours for a 3 salary-point course (45 hours in the online classroom and 90 hours doing outside work).  There are many linked resources in the courses you may use as well as all your planning time for your all your assignments, lesson planning time for the implementation portions of the course, assessments and any other research you do for any course.  A time log is provided in every course so you may track your time and how it was spent as you proceed through the course, and we maintain your log in the event your district requests proof you did all the required work so you may receive your salary points.  Please see the LAUSD/UTLA contract for details.

For more information regarding the Salary Point Allocation Department, click on the link provided:

Before beginning your course, you will be required to provide the following information to CE Credits Online:

  • Name:
  • LAUSD Employee Number:
  • School where you are now teaching or most recent school assignment:

This information is required so CE Credits Online can process your completion paperwork to the salary point committee upon completion of your course(s). Below are the steps to ensure you obtain Salary Points, please read them to familiarize yourself with the process. We want your experience with CE Credits Online to be the best possible so please, if you have questions, call (425) 788-7275 ext. 104. You may also email

Steps to ensure you obtain Salary Points:

  1. Enroll in the course(s).
  2. Provide the required information described above.
  3. Complete your CE Credits Online course(s), including the time log.
  4. Your completion paper work will be submitted directly to LAUSD Professional Development Unit by CE Credits Online along with the NA Claim for Staff Development Point Project form on or about the 1st of the month following your completion.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ADDITIONAL PAPERWORK If you decide to request university academic credits for your completed course, the official transcript you receive from the university will be for your own personal records. You may only submit the course for Salary Points once and we submit all the paperwork necessary for you to receive your Salary Points.
  6. ATTENTION: Salary point credit approval for NA Forms is done by the Professional Development Unit and may take up to 3 months to process. The delay in processing your salary points will not affect the eligibility date of your schedule advancement, as they are backdated to the date of completion. If the points from your NA Form have not been posted to your account on the LAUSD website at the end of 3 months, please contact the Salary Allocation Unit at 213-241-5100.
  7. You may check the status of your Salary Points HERE.
  8. We highly recommend that you check the number of salary points you have in your account before you complete your CE Credits Online course(s). Then check again eight weeks after receiving notification on your Student Homepage that your completion paperwork has been processed and submitted to the Salary Point Committee by CE Credits Online. Since the new salary points are added to your account without identifying the coursework for which you earned the salary points this will help you to identify receiving the additional salary point(s).

CE Credits Online and Los Angeles Unified School District / UTLA are pleased to offer you Salary Point approved online professional development courses.

  • Standards-based, research-driven, supports California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Immediate classroom impact
  • Start at any time, user friendly
  • Video modeling and instruction
  • One-on-one facilitation
  • Completely online – no commuting, parking, missed classes and no dress code!