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LAUSD Independent Charter Schools

If your school is identified as an Independent Charter School (LAUSD does not process your payroll), you must select your courses from the following list.  Once your course is successfully completed, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion to submit to your school for processing.  The LAUSD Salary Point Allocation Dept. does not process your Salary Points.

If you also wish to receive graduate credits for your courses, this may be requested on your account page. CE Credits Online will forward all the necessary documentation to the university so you may receive an official transcript.  University Partners 

All LAUSD Independent Charter School educators receive special discounted pricing for their courses.

CE Credits Online and Los Angeles Independent Charter Schools are pleased to offer you approved online professional development courses.

  • Standards-based, research-driven, supports California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Immediate classroom impact
  • Start at any time, user friendly
  • Video modeling and instruction
  • One-on-one facilitation
  • Completely online – no commuting, parking, missed classes and no dress code!