10 Black History Month Activities for Students

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10 Black History Month Activities for Students blog article
  1. Quote or fact of the day – Every morning offer up a new quote or fact that correlates with Black history. You can say them out loud, write them up on the board, post them on a classroom social media, or send them out in a message. You can go the extra mile to have an open discussion about them in the classroom as well. If you want a good place to start check this out -> 26 Little-Known Black History Facts You May Not Have Learned in School
  2. Person of the day or week – Similar to the above activity, take time to talk about a Black influencer and their accomplishments. Try looking beyond the popular people. Find someone your students or you have never heard about.
    1. Categories: Actors, Artists, Writers, Athletes, Activists, Musicians, Politicians, Filmmakers, Historical Figures, Heroes, Leaders, Scientists, and Mathematicians
  3. Black history trivia! Kahoot is a fan favorite among students. Try out this Black History Month Kahoot trivia.
  4. Black History Timeline – Group up your students and assign each group with an important period of Black History:
    1. Slavery in America
    2. Civil War and Reconstruction
    3. Abolition
    4. Great Migration
    5. Harlem Renaissance
    6. Jim Crow Era
    7. Civil Rights Movement
    8. Current Events
  5. Interview Questions – Have each student choose an Black history influencer and have them create an interview with that person. Students write down questions they would ask and then write the answers he or she would say.
  6. ABC Book – First read The ABCs of Black History picture book with your students. Then they can create their own version!
  7. Bring Awareness – You may find that your discuss deeper issues of racism, prejudice, and discrimination in the classroom. Encourage your students to bring awareness to what still needs to be done.
  8. Coloring pages and cross words – For younger students celebrate black history with fun worksheets.
    1. Black History Coloring Pages
    2. Black History Crosswords
  9. Books and Movies – Offer a movie day or a reading list for students surrounding Black history.
  10. Assign a class project – Give your class a long term assignment that they can work on throughout the month.



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