10 Ways Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer

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10 Ways Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer

10 Ways Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer

School is out for the summer! Now what? Many students don’t know what to do when their day isn’t spent in a classroom. Some students spend the summer playing video games, watching tv, surfing the internet, or sleeping, and wonder where their summer went. So here are some alternative summer activities to maximize your student’s summer break.

  1. Encourage quality time with family. The summer months are a great time for students to spend a little extra time with their families, which will have benefits into the next school year.
  2. Read! Get a head start on their reading with their spare time. Check out our summer reading list for book ideas for ages K-12.
  3. Make a summer bucket list. This could be an awesome goal setting assignment before the summer break.
  4. Learn a new skill to add to a resume. For high school students, taking the time to learn new skills (free coding courses, getting certified in Microsoft applications etc.) over the summer is a great way to impress future employees.
  5. A summer internship. A summer internship is a great way to build college and career readiness while teaching students about industries they are curious about.
  6. This is a great way of giving back, staying busy, and also looks great on college applications.
  7. Start an art project. Give your students a project for the summer like painting, crayon melting, and summer photo collages.
  8. Take a CPR or First Aid Class. These low cost (sometimes free) classes save lives
  9. Go outside! There are a lot of fun things students can do while getting a little vitamin D inlcuding camping, swimming, going to the park, and playing sports!
  10. Give back to the planet. The summer is a perfect time for students to take special care of the Earth. Encourage planting flowers, going on nature walks, and cleaning up parks.


Students benefit from a healthy amount of summer activities. They can maximize their summer with these awesome activities.

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