2020 New Years Resolutions for Teachers

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2020 New Years Resolutions for Teachers

New year, new you! Here are 21 ways that teachers can up their game in 2020.

1. Find Your Own Way

Think critically and question everything. Don’t just except what you hear. Try it, apply it, research it, test it.

2. Achieve a good work/life balance

When you are happy your students will benefit, and so will you. Try to keep schoolwork at school and enjoy your off time.

3. Switch Up Your Classroom Routine

Try a new technology or instructional technique every month to keep your classroom exciting. Making a list and assigning one to each month will keep you on a good path.

4. Help Others in a Way that Matters

Just giving others materials or strategies isn’t enough. Help by being a questioner and encourager.

5. Find Support

Teaching is not easy, that’s why it’s imperative that you have support. Having a support group of other educators will keep you professionally accountable and they can give you the boost you need when things get dicey.

6. Plan to Move Up the Payscale

Consider what your career goals are. Do you need to add professional development, graduate credits, or change positions to achieve those goals?

7. Stay Positive

It’s time to figure out how to make your classroom a happy place for you and your students in the long stretch to summer.

8. Give Time and Attention to Each Student

It doesn’t have to be formal one-on-ones, but maybe create a rotating classroom job that the students can help you with. You can check in with them and see how everything is going.

9. Build Fitness into Your Curriculum

Integrate movement into your day-to-day activities encouraging your students to take care of their bodies.

10. Don’t Blame Others for Problems in your Class

If you are having a hard time with your class reach out for help or research and test until you get it right.

11. Get Organized

Here are 9 Smart Habits to Steal from Super-Organized Teachers.

12. Set Goals and Avoid Autopilot Mode

Set your own personal classroom goals. Write them down in a planner so you don’t forget them when the craziness of teaching gets in the way.

13. Set Doable Weekly Goals

It can feel very overwhelming to try and tackle all the life-changing goals at once. Breaking down your main New Year’s resolutions into small manageable tasks will help you to achieve the big ones.

14. Don’t Let School Policies Get You Down

There is not much you can do about changing annoying policies, unnecessary meetings, or mountains of paperwork, so try to not let it ruin your mood.

15. Have the Tough Conversations

Teaching is not easy. It is detailed work. No one gets better by catering to one another’s biases or sensitivities.

16. Get Students Involved

By giving students more control over their assignments and activities, they will hopefully take responsibility for their education.

17. Dress to Impress Yourself

Don’t underestimate the feeling of wearing something you love. Grab a few new pieces to add to your normal work clothes and strut your stuff in the hallways!

18. Read Professional Books and Research

To be a professional you have to have the knowledge of one.

19. Go International

The world holds infinite professional development potential. Teachers can team up with academic and research groups who are traveling abroad, or they can opt for a solo trip to an international convention.

20. Use Social Media

Social media is a fun and convenient option for teachers. From watching YouTube videos to podcasts, social media is a huge first step for teacher who want to make professional development a priority for 2020.

21. Make Better Use of Planning

It’s tempting to take a much-needed break during your day, but it will feel even better walking home with no work to bring with you.


For a freebie resource check out this editable New Year’s Mobile Resolutions and Goals project book. What New Year’s resolutions are you bringing into the classroom in 2020? Let us know!

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