6 Creative Teaching Methods

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6 Creative Teaching Methods

 Injecting creativity into your teaching can be as difficult as inspiring creativity in your students. We have collected some of our favorite ways you can start to open up your teaching practice to new creative teaching methods.

Be open to new ideas

It can be hard to step out of your comfort zone and open up your classroom to new ideas, but it may be just what you need to get creative with your teaching.  Adding in blended learning, project based learning, and social emotional learning can elevate your teaching and your students.

Set aside time for the creative thinking

Prioritize making time in your day to think of ways to infuse creativity into your practice. Choose a time when you can focus for 5-10 minutes without any interruptions. Collect your thoughts in a creativity journal or your Pinterest board.

Follow through with creative ideas

Spend time on each idea you’ve brainstormed and create a plan of action for your classroom. Whether it’s a small project or a longitudinal one, try to set a timeline to integrate your ideas.

Create a flexible classroom layout

With all your new creative lessons you’ll need various types of space. Keep your classroom flexible and you will find creative teaching very relaxed and enjoyable. Check out our blog on creative classroom design to learn more.

Be Inspired by TED Talks

TED talks are a great way to inspire creativity in your practice. They’re an excellent source of information and can impact your teaching in many ways. Here are some of our favorites.

Teach Teachers How to Create Magic- Christopher Emdin

How to Fix a Broken School? Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard- Linda Cliatt-Wayman

Hey Science Teachers- Make it Fun- Tyler Dewitt

Every Kid Needs a Champion- Rita Pierson

Being creative takes time, but it can have major positive impacts in your classroom. Creative teaching can lead to increased student engagement and better classroom management, while keeping your love of teaching alive.

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