AI Chatbots In The Classroom

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AI Chatbots In The Classroom

Chatbots are taking over the world right now. Chatbots have the potential to greatly enhance education and the classroom experience. According to recent research, education is one of the top 5 industries that are benefiting from AI chatbots right now. Here are some ways that teachers can use chatbots in their classrooms.

  1. Students can use AI chatbots to help them learn to write essays. Teachers can assign students with a question for an essay. They can get an essay from the chatbot. Chatbot essays are often very dull and surface level. Students can take that AI generated essay and revise it.
  2. Students can use AI chatbots to help them retrieve research for certain topics. For example, you can ask the chatbot to give you research articles on integrating science and literature.
  3. Teachers can use chatbots to help them come up with classroom activities based on what they’re learning in the classroom. For example, you can ask the chatbot to give you educational activities for 5th graders for earth science.
  4. Students can get tips on how to improve their essays by pasting their essays in the chatbot.
  5. Teachers can use the chatbot to curate flash cards or multiple-choice quizzes. You can do this by asking the chatbot to create a 10 multiple-choice quiz for 4th grade literature.
  6. Teachers can use the chatbot to create reading passages that are at the correct reading level for their students.
  7. Chatbots can create writing prompts!
  8. Chatbots are great for teaching vocabulary. For example, you can ask the chatbot to use a word in a sentence.
  9. You can use the chatbot to write letters home. For example, you can ask the chatbot to write a letter to parents about an upcoming field trip.
  10. Instead of sitting and coming up with examples, just as the chatbot! Need a list of declarative sentences? Just ask the Chatbot.
  11. Create math problems based on what you’re currently teaching in the class.
  12. Generate basic lesson plans.
  13. Find ways to help struggling students.
  14. Chatbots can help you write recommendation letters.
  15. Sometimes it’s hard to prepare for tough conversations. You can get pointers from chatbots. One teacher asked a chatbot to help her have a conversation with a student’s parents about their child bullying another student.

Chatbots aren’t perfect. They shouldn’t be used in every situation and the answers they give should be vetted. The answers are only as good as the resource it’s taken from, however chatbots are an awesome resource. With teacher burnout being so prevalent in the workforce it’s a great tool to work smarter not harder.

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