Apps and Tools for Teachers

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Apps and Tools for Teachers

Pinterest (IOS, Android)

Many teachers find Pinterest useful in finding and organizing their classroom ideas. It is a great resource for inspiring lesson plans, creative activities, and more. Its use of boards makes it easy to stay organized.

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Paper by FiftyThree (IOS)

This is a great app to develop your ideas in a creative space. This is a sketching app where you can create handwritten notes, draft, diagram, sketch, and us a 3D journal. This awesome app will keep you inspired to create new lesson plans and activities for your students this school year.

Voxer (IOS, Android, Web Browser)

This is a walkie-talkie app that savvy teachers have been using to connect with likeminded teachers, mentors, and mentees. This is a great app because you can easily go back through your voice conversations for notes.

Google Classroom (IOS, Android, Web Browser)

If you plan on using Google classroom this school year there are so many ways to stay organized. For extra incite on how to use Google Classroom to its fullest potential try reading Hacking Google For Education. This is also a great way to incorporate a paperless classroom for your 21st century classroom.

State Standards (IOS, Android)

This is a common core state standards app that lets you view standards offline. You can type in keywords and search through all the common core standards.

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