Black History Month Activities – K-12

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Black History Month Activities – K-12
  1. Cut and Paste Timeline

Start out with a lesson on the civil rights movement and what social movements are. Many key events took place over several decades that molded the outcome.  Have each student choose and explain about 9 key events during the civil rights movement and then cut them out and put them in order. Get creative and colorful with it!

  1. Writing Prompts

Check out these writing prompts from 4th grade teacher, Perry Hollins.  Each of these prompts focus on either narrative, informative, or persuasive writing styles. Encourage students to learn about the lives of the Black innovator and tackle the writing prompts.

  1. Black History Month Quiz

Assess how much your students already know about Black History Month with a short multiple choice quiz.

  1. Word Search and Definitions

Download and pass out his word search for students. The word search includes vocabulary related to Black history. Once they have found all the words, encourage them to define them.

  1. Quote or fact of the day

Every morning greet your students with a new quote or fact that’s relevant to Black history.

  1. Black history coloring pages

Younger kids would love these coloring pages.

  1. Virtual events

With many schools still doing virtual learning and not being able to go out for field trips, try these virtual events.

  1. Study and Create Art

Art in the black community carries so much cultural and historical meaning. Have your students write a story, make a video or podcast, or create visual arts or crafts pertaining to Black history.

  1. Use Media

Read books or watch videos with your class, then discuss the themes and lessons of each.

Try these books:

  • All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold
  • The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson
  1. Civil Rights Poster Project

Bring art and history together by recreating civil rights Freedom Movement posters. Here are a bunch of powerful Freedom Movement posters.

  1. Watch a Black History Month video.

Check out this list of Black History Month videos for students in all grade levels.

  1. Create a newsletter or magazine.

Have students create their own newsletter or magazine featuring poems, short stories by black authors, as well as student-written essays or stories and images around Black History Month.

  1. Write and read Black History Month poems.

Here are a list of great Black History Month poems for all ages.

  1. Attend this Black History Month virtual concert: Preserving and Persevering.

On February 26th the Chicago Children’s Choir is coming together virtually for a concert! It will be live streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

  1. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech is well-known to adults, but it’s important to keep his speech alive by introducing it to students.

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