Creative Classroom Layout Ideas

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Creative Classroom Layout Ideas

A creative, thoughtful classroom layout can have an immediate impact on student learning outcomes, classroom engagement, and classroom management. The summer is a perfect time to start thinking through how you are going to set-up your physical classroom for success. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your planning:

Flexible Seating

School desks aren’t always the most comfortable, and while they are functional, by expanding your seating choices, you can promote a positive work ethic and improve attention span. Try using butterfly chairs, rocking chairs, and workout balls in your classroom.

Designate a meeting area

A set meeting area is a great place to inspire students to work towards a common goal by discussing what they’ve learned, hear other perspectives, and reflect on what other students have to say. By the end of the year students should be able to open, facilitate, and close these meetings effectively.

Get creative with a student workplace area

This is a space where you provide the necessary tools for students to work independently. This can include: pencils, paper, textbooks, clipboards, and journals. Assigning students the job of keeping this space clean and usable is a great way to promote responsibility.

Arrange furniture to create nooks for storage space

A classroom can always use more storage. Arrange your furniture and tables in a way that creates nooks for extra DIY storage. For example, place a smaller crate underneath a larger table and the space in between is extra storage space.

We love these classroom ideas and there are so many more out there! Take a look at our awesome expanding Pinterest board which is full of ways you can transform your classroom.

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