Disaster Preparedness Quiz for Students

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Disaster Preparedness Quiz for Students

1. What should you do in an earthquake?

a. Get out of the building

b. Stay where you are

c. Hide in a doorway

d. Get under your desk or sit along a clear wall with your hands over your neck


2. Which of the following is NOT recommended during a fire emergency?

a. Use the nearest exit

b. Stay low to avoid smoke

c. Listen to the teachers direction

d. Gather your belongings


3. What should you do in the event of a tornado?

a. Open the windows to equalize pressure

b. Seek shelter in an interior room or hallway

c. Run away from the school

d. Take pictures of the storm to share on social media


4. During an active shooter situation, what is the best course of action?

a. Run out of the classroom

b. Scream to distract the intruder

c. Lock the classroom, barricade the doors, turn off the lights, and be silent

d. Confront the intruder


5. What should you do if there is a fire in your classroom?

a. Run around panicking

b. Use the fire extinguisher immediately

c. Exit the classroom calmly and to the nearest exit

d. Hide under a desk


6. What’s the first step in responding to a medical emergency (e.g., someone faints)?

a. Call 911

b. Check for breathing and responsiveness

c. Administer CPR immediately

d. Start recording the situation on your phone


7. In case of a chemical spill in the science lab, what should you do?

a. Touch the spilled chemical to identify it

b. Evacuate the lab and notify the teacher

c. Start cleaning up the spill

d. Use the chemical spill as an opportunity for a science experiment


8. What should you NOT do if there’s a physical altercation in the school?

a. Alert an adult or staff member

b. Try to physically break up the fight

c. Disperse the crowd

d. Try to verbally intervene


9. What should you do if there’s an attack on your school?

a. Panic and run to the windows to look

b. Confront the attacker

c. Whisper if you need to communicate, silence all your devices, text loved ones a short concise message, follow your school’s lockdown protocol

d. Run out of the room after the attack

Answers: 1) D.    2) D.    3) B.   4) C.    5) C.    6) B.   7) B.    8) B.   9) 3.

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