Great Presidents' Day Activities for Every Classroom

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Great Presidents' Day Activities for Every Classroom


K-5 Wax Museum Project

In this project students will become their presidential role models! Have each student choose a president and do some research on their life and achievements. They should then write a short monologue (ask older student to memorize their lines). Then, give them the chance to go out and acquire their presidential attire! Have each student dress up as their assigned president. On the project due date place the students around the room and invite other classes or even parents to attend. Attendees will come up to them and listen to each student present their speeches on their president.

6-8 If I Were President…

Your students are the future of America! Let your students write down what they would want to accomplish if they were president. This is a great project for middle schoolers and they will have a lot of fun with it. First, use a projector to make a silhouette on black construction paper of each student and paste their silhouettes onto patriotic blue and red paper. Attach their “If I were President” papers to the bottom and display them outside your classroom. This is a great way to engage parents during parent-teacher conferences.

Biography Project

Learning about presidents isn't always the most fun, but here are some ways to ensure this project gets your students' creative juices flowing. Have fun with it! Assign each student to a group. Each group should choose a president and research some interesting facts about them. Have them put together a presentation, song, poem, play, or video and share with the class all the fun facts they found. This is a great way to get students to connect with Presidents' Day.

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