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How Much Do You Know About Women’s History? A Quiz!

  1. In what year did women in the United States win the right to vote?
    1. 1776
    2. 1848
    3. 1920
    4. 1946
  2. How many years did it take for women to win the right to vote in the United States?
    1. 72 years
    2. 120 years
    3. 20 years
    4. 51 years
  1. What was the name given to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which guaranteed women’s right to vote in the United States.
    1. Abigail Adams Amendment
    2. Sojourner Truth Amendment
    3. Susan B. Anthony Amendment
    4. Gloria Steinem Amendment
  1. What was the first country that granted women the right to vote?
    1. Canada
    2. Germany
    3. New Zealand
    4. United Kingdom
  2. Who was known as the 'Angel of the Battlefield' because of her work as a nurse during the Civil War?
    1. Lucy Stone
    2. Clara Barton
    3. Dorothea Dix
    4. Carrie Nation
  3. Who was the first woman to graduate from medical school in the United States?
    1. Jane Addams
    2. Anna Howard Shaw
    3. Elizabeth Blackwell
    4. Margaret Sanger
  4. In the 1920s, young women scandalized their elders by shortening their skirts, bobbing their hair, wearing make-up, and dancing the Charleston with men whom they hardly knew. What were these young women called?
    1. Lulus
    2. Flappers
    3. Women's Libbers
    4. Gibson girls
  5. Who made her fortune by developing a successful line of cosmetics for African American women in the early 1900s?
    1. Madam C. J. Walker
    2. Sojourner Truth
    3. Ida B. Wells
    4. Josephine Baker
  6. Who was the first woman to be the vice-presidential nominee of a major political party?
    1. Geraldine Ferraro
    2. Elizabeth Dole
    3. Eleanor Roosevelt
    4. Margaret Chase Smith
  1. Who was the first woman to run for president of the United States?
    1. Victoria Woodhull
    2. Hillary Rodham Clinton
    3. Geraldine Ferraro
    4. Shirley Chisholm


Answers: 1. B   2. A   3. C   4. C   5. B   6. C   7. B   8. A   9. A   10. A