National Clean Your Desk Day! Organization Tips for Teachers

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National Clean Your Desk Day! Organization Tips for Teachers

Desk organization is difficult for many of us. Teachers have an abundance of papers to keep track of and it’s easy to let those papers get disorganized and stack up on all sides of your desk. Here are a few desk organization tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your work and stay organized. 

Computer and Cords

Computer cords seem to always be in the way. Try tying the cords up with cord clips behind your desk to keep them at bay. 

Use Your Dominant Side

Put things you use the most near your dominant hand. If you have a desk phone make sure it is closest to your dominant hand so you aren’t reaching across and straining every time you need to pick up the phone. If your desk has too many things on your dominant side, opt for wall shelves or side drawers to organize some tool in.

Keep Only the Essentials on Your Desk

Try limiting yourself to one or two pens not an entire box. The same goes for paperclips or binders. Just keep what you absolutely need on top of your desk. Everything else can go inside your desk or in other drawers. 

Start a Teacher Toolbox

If you don’t have enough drawer space, keep all your little essentials in a multiple drawer toolbox that you can label. 

Storage Carts!

Extend your desk space with storage carts for more organization. Many carts also have wheels. So you can easily move the cart around while teaching.

Utilize Wall Space

Adding a pin board is helpful. You can also use metal cabinets or boards to magnetize paper clips, pin reminders, or calendars.

The Lazy Susan

When isn’t a Lazy Susan helpful?! Put one on your desk and spin it to grab what you need.

Desk Organizers

You can get desk organizers or makeup organizers to consolidate your pens, pencils, markers, highlighters etc. 

Wall Shelving

Wall shelving clears up quite a bit of desk space.

Ditch the Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can fall and get lost and they’re hard to keep track of what’s most important in a sea of sticky notes marked “IMPORTANT!”. Try a project management platform Use sticky notes for things that are absolutely urgent. Be honest with yourself!

Labeled Pouches are Your Friend

Pouches are easy to throw in drawers and they are also great for if you need to bring something home with you. Clear pouches are great because then you can see what’s inside without having to go digging through anything.


If you don’t have a label maker, it may be a good investment. Teachers are short on time as it is. You don’t need to spend a second longer looking for that one lesson plan from 6 months ago.

Love Your Space

If your class is covered in your favorite aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors you’ll be more likely to want to keep your space clean and tidy and looking just the way you want it to!

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