National DNA Day

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National DNA Day

This year is the 15th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project. There have been amazing advances in genetics and genomics since the beginning of the HGP in 2003, so April 25th is a day when students, teachers, and the public have the opportunity to learn about DNA and how it impacts all life.

There are many ways to participate in National DNA Day. Visit this site to locate an exciting DNA Day event near you, or your school can host its own DNA event. There are DNA essay contests that invite high school students worldwide to reflect and examine how genetics affect their lives. You and/or your students can even join The American Society of Human Genetics.

The history of DNA is fascinating and a great way to excite your students about the potential for scientific discovery. DNA is also used by archaeologists, used to determine genetic ancestry, support criminal investigations, and is utilized in space-focused research. We hope this DNA day, you can start unlocking the potential for DNA in your classroom.

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