New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers – 2022

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New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers – 2022
  1. Analyze your work/life balance

Being an educator isn’t like other 9 to 5 jobs. There will be times where teachers have to take quite a bit of your work home with them. However, teachers should analyze their work/life balance and try to put time aside for themselves and their families. It may be difficult but it will drastically improve your 2022 work year.

  1. Refresh your classroom

Dump or donate all the old stuff that is just cluttering up your classroom. Throw away anything that is worn out or broken. Take advantage of end of the year and holiday sales and add some new life into your teaching space.

  1. Introduce more technology into your teaching strategies

Technology can be used to reduce administrative tasks and this will help you with #1 on this list. Try to find time to educate yourself on different forms of learning technology. If you don’t go out of your way to learn more about technology you may waste the benefits of it.

  1. Give students more individual attention

Students have various needs when it comes to teaching strategies, particularly when you have English Language Learners. Spending more time with each student will help you gauge where your class is in readiness to move on to the next subject.  

  1. Prepare students for the future

Teachers are required to spend most of their time teaching their students facts, dates, and other pieces of information to help them pass academic assessments. This will help them pass tests in school but preparing your students for the future is of the utmost importance. Digital literacy, communication and collaboration skills, ability to do research, and problem solving skills will be important for students in the workplace.

  1. Soak up your accomplishments

Stop and soak up your little victories that happen in the classroom on an everyday basis. Try writing down how you feel and what went well. It will help you to cope on your harder days.

  1. Take more professional development

Professional development can be used to further your teaching skills and career. Professional development can be used for salary advancement and recertification. Avoid starting the year in autopilot.

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