Pi Day 2022 Classroom Activities

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Pi Day 2022 Classroom Activities

Math teachers! Your day is finally here! The beloved Pi Day is March 14th (3.14). Here are some activities you can do with your class to honor Pi Day this year.

Celebrate with the classic tradition of a pizza or pie party!

Pi means circle and what is a yummier circle than a pizza or pie? It’s also a great way to teach fraction concepts.

Check out this pizza activity for a more in depth look at how to incorporate pizza into your Pi Day. 

Circular Show and Tell

Have your students bring in something circular and measure the diameter and circumference of their items, then divide the circumference by the diameter. They will be amazed to see that the number comes out to close to 3.14 every time!

Pi Day Sing Along!

Check out this Pi Day song! It’s definitely going to get stuck in your head but at least your students won’t forget “3.1415”.

If you want to involve more numbers than 3.1415 into your sing along try out: The Pi Day Anthem featuring John Sims and Vi Hart.

Pi Day Logic Puzzles

Check out Math Geek Mama’s Free downloadable Pi Day Logic Puzzles for kids!

Free Pi Day Event Livestream

This year is the 35th annual celebration of Pi Day. You’ll be able to livestream this event on YouTube or Facebook.

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