Products for Teachers from Black Owned Businesses

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Products for Teachers from Black Owned Businesses

Black owned businesses should be recognized and appreciated all year, however with August being Black Business Month, now is a great time to support black owned businesses. Here are some great businesses to get you started!

Sense2Cents is all about providing financial literacy for children. Amy Clark has created a refreshing educational way to foster healthy learning habits. 

The Learning Cove was founded by Childhood Education Expert and mom, Majidah Muhammad in March 2020. This supermom was looking for engaging ways to help educate her children from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She started creating customized work binders for her kids, and they’ve been a huge hit! The Learning Cover offers elevated learning binders as well as some other awesome resources that could be applied by teachers for the classroom.

Beaut&Beast Co., founded by Estephanie Ortiz, is a great small business that teachers should be aware of. Beaut&Beast offers super beautifully designed flashcards, workbooks, and notebooks. This is definitely a business to check out!

Just be Hue was created by Terrence & Monique Price in 2016. They found a fun a fresh way to empower young people by creating motivational school supplies. Representation is huge for them. They are dedicated to providing more positive and empowering images of the Black community. They offer various school supplies and accessories that star characters with diverse skin tones, facial features, and hair textures. Make sure to check out their beautiful clip boards!

Nix Nax offers all things stationary! They unapologetically provide culturally influenced paper products to their customers. This is a great site to shop for any of your stationary needs. Check out their sticky notes!  

Black Teachers Educate is a great small business. If you are a Black educator you will find very empowering and inspiring pieces on this site. These t-shirts and pins would make great gifts to your favorite teacher or colleague as well!

Browndages should be a staple for your classroom and school. Browndages offers band aids in various skin tones. This should be an option for any child of color in any school. They also offer a few other products you should check out as well.

Cocoa Twins offers a plethora of digital and printable diverse artwork that would look great in your classroom. They also have t-shirts and sweatshirts as well. Also check out their printable stationary!

These businesses are a great place to start but there are many more Black owned businesses out there! Try to broaden your online shopping horizons this month to support these businesses.


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