Questions Teachers Should Ask When in an Interview

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Questions Teachers Should Ask When in an Interview
  1. Is there a set curriculum? Do teachers have any say in the curriculum that they teach?
  2. What resources does the school provide to help teachers?
  3. What technology is available in a standard classroom for teachers to use?
  4. Do you have a teacher-mentor program for new teachers?
  5. What opportunities do you offer for professional development and growth?
  6. Do you encourage teachers to pursue a graduate degree? How does the school district support teacher who pursue a graduate degree?
  7. How often are staff meetings held?
  8. How many teachers stay long enough to become tenured at the school?
  9. What are your favorite things about the school? What are your favorite things about the school district?
  10. How does the school district stand out from other districts in the state?
  11. Are there any major issues that the school is addressing this year?
  12. What is the attendance/sick day/snow day policy for teachers?
  13. What are the average class sizes in the school?
  14. What is the school’s perspective on discipline?
  15. How involved are parents in the school?
  16. What is expected of every teacher every day?
  17. What is the school and district policy on homework?
  18. What extracurricular activities are available for teacher participation?
  19. How much will I earn? What is the pay scale and how does it change annually?
  20. Are there any extra assignments that teachers are required to do, such as lunch duty?
  21. What qualities, skills, and personality would your ideal candidate have?
  22. Is there a teacher’s union? Is it mandatory?
  23. What are your expectations for a teacher who wants to be a long-term employee?
  24. How is technology used to support students?
  25. What kind of teaching materials do you use?

Obviously, you don’t want to bombard the interviewers with questions. However, it would be good to choose a few that are the most interesting to you. If the question doesn’t get answered during the interview be sure to ask it at the end.

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