Science Education Day – Science Teacher Blogs, Websites, and Books

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Science Education Day – Science Teacher Blogs, Websites, and Books


  1. Amy Brown Science – Amy brown is a high school science teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. She has lots of fun with her students doing lab work. She is very passionate about science and has lots of free science teaching materials for download!
  2. Science for All – Curating transformative science education resources.
  3. Jacobs Physics – Jacobs Physics has a variety of different blog posts for science teachers. During the Pandemic Jacob Physics did live AP Physics shows on YouTube.
  4. Unifying Quantum and Relativistic Theories – This site is for the science nerds! Dig into the interesting topics they have to offer!
  5. The Science Penguin – The Science Penguin offers many blog posts on how to teach certain science lessons. They also have free resources for teachers as well as teaching packets you can pay for.
  6. The Tech Savvy Science Teacher – This site was launches in 2011 as a place for teachers to learn how to integrate technology in their classrooms. As a science teacher she can’t resist sharing some of her favorite science ed tech.

 Science Websites

  1. Generation Genius – This site offers science and math resources for k-8 students. They feature engaging videos, quizzes, games, reading material, hands-on activities, and teacher guides.
  2. National Science Teaching Association – Transform your teaching with NSTA’s latest resources and more.
  3. The Biology Corner – This site has biology lesson plans, worksheets, tutorials, and resources for teachers and students.
  4. NOVA Labs - There are many ways to bring NOVA Labs into your classroom, after school program, day camp, or other educational program. Every Lab presents a particular subject and allows teens to develop their own questions and investigations around that subject.
  5. Middle School Chemistry – Lesson plans, workshops, multimedia: This site answers scientific questions in a way students can easily understand.
  6. ChemMatters Magazine – Helping high school students make connections between chemistry and the world around them.


  1. On Teaching Evolution by Bertha Vazquez
  2. The Science Teacher’s Toolbox by Mandi S. White, Tara C. Dale, Larry Ferlazzo, and Katie Hull Sypnieski
  3. Powerful Teaching by Pooja K. Agarwal and Patrice M. Bain
  4. The Handbook for The New Art and Science of Teaching by Robert J. Marzano
  5. Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science by Richard Moran
  6. The 5 Es of Inquiry-Based Science by Lakeena Chitman-Booker and Kathleen Kopp
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