Space Related Internships and Scholarships

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Space Related Internships and Scholarships

STEM is a field that continues to grow and includes space-related sciences. There are many opportunities for students to start gaining experience before college. Internships and camps provide a great opportunity for students to gain a mentor that can impact their entire career.

Here are a few popular internships and camps:

LPI Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science

This internship program invites undergraduates with at least 50 hours of credit to experience planetary science. This is a 10-week summer program where students work one-on-one with scientists at LPI (The Lunar and Planetary Institute) or NASA. LPI is located near the Johnson Space Center, on the south side of Houston, Texas. They provide you with a stipend of $5,675 and a $1,000 travel stipend.

Astronomy Camp

Arizona’s longest running science camp, directed by Dr. Don McCarthy, invites younger and older students to experience the universe hands on. At night the campers investigate the sky through state of the art telescopes. During the day they listen to internationally known scientists speak on current astronomy topics.

Summer Science Program

This internship program for high school sophomores and juniors is held at Purdue University, New Mexico Tech, and the University of Colorado Boulder. From beginning to end, groups of 3 students participate in, and complete, research projects in either astrophysics or biochemistry. In this program the students live and work in a close-knit community of other future scientists from around the world.

Women’s Technology Program

This program is a 4-week rigorous experience for incoming female high school seniors to explore STEM fields. 60 participants are selected nationwide from over 500 applications. In this academic experience, the students take part in hands-on classes, labs and team based projects in STEM education.




Harvey Washington Banks Scholarship in Astronomy

This scholarship, in the amount of $1,000, is for black students pursuing an undergraduate degree in astronomy or physics. Applicants must be an undergraduate student attending a university.


NASA Space Grant

NASA’s space grant goal is to encourage programs in which students can expand their knowledge of STEM ideals. This program is a network of colleges and universities that support funding for students. Find the closest Space Grant consortium to you.


Davidson Fellows Scholarship

This scholarship is for student’s 18 and under who have completed a significant piece of work. The scholarship amount is for up to $50,000, and goes to the most extraordinary young student. The application categories are Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering, Literature, Music, and Philosophy.


Many students may not know that these options are available to them. There are experiences in internships and camps that can help students excel in their craft. There are scholarships that students who work hard can apply for. If your students are too young or not ready for these experiences, help them set goals to work toward. There are many more internships out there that just need to be found. Do you have students who are interested in a STEM field but struggle with math anxiety? Check out our new course on helping combat math anxiety.


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