Summer Activities to Prepare for Senior Year and Beyond

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Summer Activities to Prepare for Senior Year and Beyond

Summer Activities to Prepare Students for Senior Year and Beyond

Older high school students have a lot ahead of them, and it’s never too early to plan ahead. Summer break is a great time for those students to get ahead of the game. Summer is the time for students to look into colleges and prepare themselves for college applications. By the time the new year starts they should have some sort of plan in place for where you want to apply and how to utilize your senior year.

Start drafting Your College Essays

Some commonly used prompts to think about are: Why do you want to attend here? Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What was the outcome? Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth. Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve.

Study for Your Standardized Test Date

If your student isn’t happy with their SAT/ACT score the summer is the perfect time to get test-ready. The summer before senior year and the first semester of senior year is the last opportunity for students to take the test before college applications are due.

Make a College List

If you are in the summer before senior year, finalize your list. If you aren’t, summer break is the time to make a college list. Things you should consider while making your list include:

  • Career opportunities if they attend that university
  • Does the university have the major they want?
  • Do they have a good mix of colleges that they have a good chance of getting into?
  • Would they fit in on campus?
  • What will be the housing situation?

Work on Your College Resume

There are some great opportunities to engage in summer activities that will look great on college applications. Learning a new skill, applying for a summer internship, or volunteering are great ways to boost a resume.

Look Into Scholarships and Financial Aid

College isn’t cheap and it’s never too early to start finding ways to pay for higher education. All your have to do is search.

Preparation is so important and it’s never too early to prepare for college. Being prepared will lower a student’s stress level immensely and will also ensure that they don’t run out of time to apply. This is a very tough and busy time for students. For information on how to create a compassionate learning environment for your student check out our courses.

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