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Teachers of TikTok to Follow

Teachers of TikTok to Follow

With TikTok reporting over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, you most likely have a TikTok account.

Teachers have been using this platform in some awesome ways and it’s a great resource for ideas and techniques for teaching. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the many awesome TikTok teacher accounts for you to follow.

Ms. Cadime is a Kindergarten teacher from Massachusetts who really cares for her little students and has some awesome ideas to keep Kindergartners engaged and excited about class. She also shows lots of hilarious and cute moments from her class. 


Ms. James is THAT English teacher. The great kind of teacher! She is an NBCT award winning teacher and shares her invaluable grammar and English lessons on TikTok. 


Ang_teaches is a 5th grade teacher and has some awesome tips for the classroom. She also has an awesome fashion sense and offers some fun outfit ideas for teachers who want to look professional but still have personality.


Ms. M is a first year math teacher. She is hilarious and shares her life as a first year teacher with her TikTok followers. She has some useful teaching tips too!