Teaching Myths Debunked: Unmasking the Reality Behind the Chalkboard

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Teaching Myths Debunked: Unmasking the Reality Behind the Chalkboard

Are teachers really morning people who have it all together and have a secret stash of red pens at the ready? In this article we will reveal the truth about common teaching myths.

  1. Teachers have summers off. Summer break exists, however most teachers use this time for professional development, planning, and preparation for the next year. Many teachers also have summer jobs on top of those.
  2. Teachers know everything. Though teachers are very knowledgeable in their subject, teachers are lifelong learners too. They sometimes need to do research just like anyone else.
  3. Teachers love all their students equally. Teachers deeply care about all their students, however they’re human and some students may be easier to connect with than others.
  4. Teachers only work during school hours. Teachers often spend evenings and weekends grading papers, creating lesson plans, attending meetings, and taking professional development classes.
  5. Teachers are immune to stress. If only… Managing a classroom, meeting their students’ needs, keeping up with administrative tasks, and keeping up on their professional development is overwhelming. Teachers have to take time for self-care to keep from experiencing teacher burnout.
  6. Teachers have a secret stash of red pens. Some teachers might, but many prefer to mix it up a bit with different colors.
  7. Teachers never make mistakes. As children, it can seem like teachers know everything and are never wrong or make mistakes. Teachers are human! Teachers mix up names, forget things, and make mistakes in their teaching. It’s important for teachers to give themselves some grace.
  8. Teachers hate snow days. Many teachers secretly love them! It gives teachers extra time to catch up on grading!
  9. Grading is easy. It is time consuming and often frustrating.
  10. Teachers are morning people! Caffeine is magic for most teachers. Is ANYONE a morning person?

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