Tips for Keeping a Clean Classroom

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Tips for Keeping a Clean Classroom
  1. Educate your students about proper hand washing. Tips like washing between the fingers and washing for a long enough time can keep germs out of your classroom. It’s common to teach students to sing the ABC’s while washing their hands.

  2. Keep cleaning supplies stocked up. Tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are a must have for school days.

  3. Clean off any communal objects in the room like keyboards, writing utensils and chairs.

  4. Talk about healthy behavior. Even simple things like getting enough sleep and staying hydrated can help keep a student’s immune system strong.

  5. Encourage parents to keep their kids home if they are feeling sick. Figure out a system to make sure they can receive their schoolwork, so they don’t fall behind.

  6. Soft comforts like carpets and couches can hold many germs. Replace these with options that are easier to clean, like vinyl beanbag chairs.

  7. Make sure everyone washes their hands before returning to the classroom, after lunch, or recess.

  8. Practice the “Dracula sneeze.” Sneezing into the crook of your elbow keeps those airborne germs from spreading.

  9. Educate your students about germs. Pour glitter onto a couple students’ hands and have everyone shake hands for a few minutes. Watch how far the “germs” spread!

  10. Wipe down the classroom with disinfectant at the end of the day. Don’t forget the doorknobs!

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