5 Ways to Manage Your Time This Summer

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Summer Activities to Prepare for Senior Year and Beyond

It’s finally Summer! Now what? As teachers we hardly ever get a break, so taking some time to reset in the summer is important in avoiding teacher burnout the next year. Here are some simple strategies to make the most of your summer.

Know Your Goals

Know what you want to achieve for the next school year and make sure you set aside time to develop and plan for those goals over the summer.

Prepare for the Start of the Year

Spending just 20 minutes a couple times this summer gathering lesson plans, substitute plans, and handouts can save you hours of stress and work during your most busy time of year.


Get into the habit of categorizing your to-do list from most to least important, so you can start organizing your time better during the school year.

Take Care of Yourself

Get lots of rest and try getting in some outdoor exercise. Being mindful of your mental state, feelings, and thoughts will help you to maintain a good workflow over the summer months.

Spend just 30 minutes a day on a professional development course!

Most of our courses take only 45 hours to complete. With just 30 minutes a day you can complete a course during the summer with time to spare! Check out our courses and get started today!

Use our prioritization worksheet to help you with your time organizing endeavors.

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