8 Quick Breaks for Mindful (But Busy) Teachers

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8 Quick Breaks for Mindful (But Busy) Teachers

We are all moving at a fast pace and as teachers you have to work with a high degree of stress every day. Finding ways to restore your energy is so beneficial because so much of a teacher's energy is going to their students. One way to stay healthy and de-stressed is to intentionally build in short, focused breaks throughout the day to practice mindfulness. When we practice mindfulness, we intentionally press the pause button and turn our attention to the present moment. Here’s our simple printable guide to mindfulness for teachers, including eight quick breaks that will help you find some much-needed calm amidst the craziness of your day.

Click the link below for a printable poster you can hang in the classroom as a reminder to take care of yourself and take breaks throughout your day. 

8_Quick_Breaks_for_Minfdul_Teachers PDF


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