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NEWS: CE Credits Online is Changing the Game with the 3 C's!

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NEWS: CE Credits Online is Changing the Game with the 3 C's!


            CE Credits Online is proud to announce the launch of more options for our participants. These changes will be made very soon! Our team has been working around the clock to provide an A+ experience for our teachers. We know that professional development can take a chunk out of your paycheck, so we want to give you the opportunity to split up your payment for university credit courses. We believe many of you will be happy to purchase your university credits after you complete your course rather than before you complete your course.   You now have two payment options If you need university credits:

  1. Pay for your course and university credits together as you are purchasing your course or,
  2. Pay for your course now and pay for your university credits after you complete your course.

After you complete your course, log into your account (see below, this is new too!).  From there you will purchase your university credits from the university of your choice.


             CE Credits Online is creating an individual account page for you.  Why?  To provide greater convenience.  You can access you’re account page at any time.  What information will be available to you on your account page?

*  You can track all the courses you have taken and their status, i.e. complete or active.

*  You will have dates of purchase and completion.

*  You will know if you purchased university credits and from which university.

*  You will be able to purchase extensions, if you need one.

*  You will be able to purchase university credits if you purchased a course intending to purchase university credits later.

*  You will be able to edit your personal information.

To access your account page, you will log in using the “Sign In” button on the top right of the screen and then click the drop down and click on “My Account.”.


            We hope our efforts to provide you with choice and convenience will simplify purchasing your courses, university credits, extensions and the ability to update your information.   The clean and simple updated design makes navigation clearer and your information more accessible to you. To help you in your purchasing decisions, we provide you with an abundance of information on our courses, including a detailed course description, enrollment information, and everything you need to know about your credit options. We have added to our FAQ page, which you can access from your account page and at the bottom of the website. This page will answer many common questions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at A big thanks from all of us at CE Credits Online!